What I do

My name is Darren and I’m an experienced Reiki and energy worker. I will also be completing an Integrative psychotherapy Diploma and will qualify at the end of 2018 after 5 years.

I’ve been working with healing others for 15 years, but I have been training to be an energy worker for 30 years.

My energy work at the moment focuses on re-balancing and re-aligning my clients energetic systems and getting them more familiar with their energetic bodies of which there are 4.

I have developed a new system which allows me to work with each individual differently, using a combination of energy work, shamanic journeying, creative visualisation completed by my therapeutic understanding of the workings of the subconscious.

If you find yourself feeling:

  • Lost & Confused
  • In an Abusive Situation
  • Having Difficulties at Work
  • Struggling with an addiction
  • Anxious or Depressed
  • Suffering from Panic Attacks
  • Frustrated with Life
  • Having no Sense of Purpose
  • Struggling with your sense of Direction
  • Having issues around your Mental Health

I’m in my 5th Year of training so prices for therapy will be low cost untilĀ  I am qualified. For many years I was one of those individuals who was always interested in spirituality, but never able to have that break through moment or experience where after the experience I was confident of the spiritual world/dimension. I studied and I searched earnestly, passionately and consistently – unaware that it was my energetic blocks that were keeping me from entering into this reality of a higher frequency.

I do understand the skeptics out there, and let me just say that if your a skeptic then I invite you to take that chance and you may be surprised what that step may bring. For those of you who do not need convincing but need help with healing, re-balancing your fields, unblocking your chakra’s or even the Mer-Ka-Ba Light body activation (which is very advanced) then you have come to the right place.

The Spiritual sessions I offer are as follows:

Spiritual Coaching

Enhancing Passion & Purpose

Reiki Energy Healing

Violet Flame Healing

Diamond Light Healing

Aura cleansing & Protection

Guided Visualisation

Chakra unblocking & Activation

Shamanic Soul Healing (Not for Beginners)

Merkaba lightbody activation (Not for beginners)

Attunement with Angelic & Ascended guides (Not for Beginners)

As you can see, I offer a number of different ways to access the spiritual and energetic realm and whilst some may be combined for a specific purpose, others would need to be focused and done separately.


Then feel free to get in touch via the form on this website and we will take it from there and at your pace.

Follow this Link for pricingĀ http://bravehearthealing.co.uk/?page_id=12

Love, blessings and Light.

Darren Peters