Below are some examples of how Transformative Transpersonal Healing Therapy can be…..


“I have known Darren for about 18 months. During this time he has been able to unlock my spiritual side. I have always had a strong interest in the spiritual and esoteric side of life but have never made much progression in moving to a higher level.
Through Darren’s work with crystals, visualisation techniques and chakra cleansing he has been able to open up my inner abilities enabling me to move on to a higher spiritual level. 
Through him I am able to understand the power of the crystals and use them in my daily life. He has opened my mind up to be able to receive messages on a spiritual level and understand signs that are sent to me.
On a physical level through one on one and distant healing techniques he has helped to alleviate problems that I have with my spine and shoulders.” (Michael)



The work i’ve been doing in therapy with Darren has definitely improved my well-being mentally and emotionally. I came to therapy for anxiety but the process helped me to discover a particular trauma that I had not been able to deal with. 
Darren created a safe space in which to explore and work through that trauma and the ways it had affected my life, and was able to hold me together at times when I felt very low. The work has also allowed me to open myself up to my own spirituality, which I had not had much access to for many years. This has been a revelation for me, allowing me to access new parts of myself.
Darren is able to work through everyday troubles, anxieties and frustrations, as well as to work at a much deeper and more profound level on issues of spirituality and balance. I would certainly recommend him to any one who is ready to start this kind of transformative work.” (Denise)